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Ribbon Cables and their applications

Single- and multi-coloured ribbon cables are used e.g. in fixed connections in telecommunication devices or electronic control systems for machines.

Telephone cables in practice

These cables are used not only in telecommunications, but they also proved to be good for standard telephone connections with the most common number of cores.

Single Core Cables

Single core cables Single core cables (e.g. KYNAR, LGY, TLY) are used in solderless wrapping connections, and as wiring in control cabinets, switchgears, etc. Furthermore, there are also used as a part of cable bundles. They are solid or stranded installation cables made of pure copper or silver-plated oxygen-free copper.

Key parameters of single core cables are:

  • core diameter
  • the material of which the internal insulation was made, e.g. FEP or PVC.

Depending on particular installation needs, you can choose from several insulation colours: white, brown, black, red, purple, blue, orange, grey, green, or yellow.

While choosing an appropriate cable, one should consider such parameters as maximum outer diameter, rated voltage, and operating temperature (e.g. -65 to 200°C). Special cables are used in areas of high humidity. It is also important to take into consideration the flexibility class of the cable (class 5 or 6). The cables are usually available in 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, or 200 m. The majority of single core cables conform to a European harmonised standard, e.g. H05V-K or H07V-K.