Country: United Kingdom

Ribbon Cables and their applications

Single- and multi-coloured ribbon cables are used e.g. in fixed connections in telecommunication devices or electronic control systems for machines.

Telephone cables in practice

These cables are used not only in telecommunications, but they also proved to be good for standard telephone connections with the most common number of cores.

Characteristics of LgY and TLY cable sets for hobbyists

Although TLY cables were designed as telecommunication assembly wires, and LgY as power assembly wires, because of their parameters they are widely applied in modern amateur electronics and robotics.

LgY are single core, flexible stranded cables, made according to harmonized standard (HAR standard), under H05V-K code. They are available in cross-sections of 0,35mm²; 0,5mm²; 0,75mm²; 1mm² and 1,5mm². Nominal voltage of these cables is 300/500V and operating temperature range is from -40°C to 105°C.

Insulation of wires offered by BQ cable was made of new generation cross-linked PVC, what allows them to operate in slightly higher temperatures (up to 105°C.). The PVC used in BQ cable wires allowed to decrease thickness of outer insulation, retaining all of electrical and dielectric parameters.

Construction of evenly twisted wires made of increased purity copper makes these cable completely compliant to harmonized standards of European Union. Moreover they solder easily, which may appear especially relevant during installation on small PCB boards.

TLY wires offered by BQ cable are complement – for available core cross-sections – of LgY cables. Offered cross-sections are 0,12mm² and 0,22mm². As telecommunication cables, TLY are perfect as low-voltage signal cables for fixed installations.

All wires, regardless of core cross-section, are packaged in 10-reel sets, each reel in different color: red, blue, black, white, green, brown, yellow, violet orange and grey.

Among offered sets customer can choose between sets with total length of 50m or 100m, within which every reel has winded accordingly 5 or 10 meters of cable. All 10 reels of wires are neatly packed in foil, and reels are all aligned in a single row. Thanks to precise winders, wire on each reel is wound evenly and coherently and secured against uncontrolled unwinding.

Considering wide range of available core cross-sections, BQ cable LgY and TLY sets fit a wide variety of applications:

  • TLY 0,12 mm², 0,22mm² and LgY 0,35mm² - are perfect as signal connections on PCB boards and for producing signal cable assemblies, e.g. with gold pin connectors, for evaluation, test or prototyping breadboards;
  • LgY 0,35mm² and 0,50mm² - power supply cables for low currents or sensors wiring and signal connections between modules;
  • LgY 0,75mm², 1mm² and 1,5mm² - dedicated especially for power supply circuits, including DC motors, servos and other power receivers, requiring high currents.