Country: United Kingdom

Ribbon Cables and their applications

Single- and multi-coloured ribbon cables are used e.g. in fixed connections in telecommunication devices or electronic control systems for machines.

Telephone cables in practice

These cables are used not only in telecommunications, but they also proved to be good for standard telephone connections with the most common number of cores.

Coil Wires

Coil Wires Broad selection of single and double coated enamelled coil wires for standard applications, of circular cross section.
All wires from BQ CABLE can operate within the range (thermal protection class) from -65°C to 200°C and are classified as EI/AIW Class 200:

  • Grade 1 - for single coated enamelled wires;
  • Grade 2 - for double coated enamelled wires.

The primary application for this type of coil wires is in various types of coils and transformers in electronic systems.

Thanks to the use of insulation made from polyamidoimide, with breakdown voltage of 5kV, these wires can also be used in systems featuring relatively high voltages. The use of enamel also means that the wires are highly resistant to temperatures and mechanic factors, and therefore can be used in systems featuring relatively high currents, as well as in application where there is a threat of vibrations, which require high mechanical resistance.

Parameters DN2E0.15/0.25 DN2E0.80/0.25 DN2E2.00/0.25 DNE1.65/0.25
Net price from 18.06 GBP
Net price from 16.14 GBP
Net price from 13.91 GBP
Net price from 13.53 GBP
Type of wire coil wire coil wire coil wire coil wire
Cable features double coated enamelled double coated enamelled double coated enamelled single coated enamelled
Outside diameter 0.15mm 0.8mm 2mm 1.65mm
Net weight 0.25kg 0.25kg 0.25kg 0.25kg
Operating temperature -65...200°C -65...200°C -65...200°C -65...200°C
Kind of core Cu Cu Cu Cu
Package contents 1600m 55m 8m 13m
Insulator material enamel polyamidoimide enamel polyamidoimide enamel polyamidoimide enamel polyester imide