Ribbon Cables and their applications

Single- and multi-coloured ribbon cables are used e.g. in fixed connections in telecommunication devices or electronic control systems for machines.

Telephone cables in practice

These cables are used not only in telecommunications, but they also proved to be good for standard telephone connections with the most common number of cores.


Coil wire; double coated enamelled; 0.9mm; 0,25kg; -65÷200°C

Manufacturer: BQ CABLE
Product groups: Coil Wires
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Product specifications
Type of wire:
coil wire
Cable features:
double coated enamelled
Outside diameter:
0.9 mm
Package contents:
Length in roll:
43 m
Operating temperature:
Outer insulation material:
polyamidoimide enamel
Kind of core:
Additional information
Gross weight:
0.258 kg