Ribbon Cables

Ribbon cables from BQ CABLE come in grey or multi-coloured options. Oftentimes, you can find multi-coloured ribbon cables with duplicated colours. When selecting a ribbon cable, you should consider its cross section area, as well as the external dimensions of the cable. The sheath is usually made of PVC. As for the electrical parameters, the most important value is the maximum voltage. However, parameters such as the temperature range and the type of wire (e.g. stranded), as well as the material of the conductor (e.g. tin-plated copper) are quite important as well.

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Wire: ribbon; 1.27mm; stranded; Cu; 26x28AWG; unshielded; PVC; 300V

FLCC-26/30 BQ CABLE, Wire


Wire: ribbon; 1.27mm; stranded; Cu; 34x28AWG; unshielded; PVC; 300V

FLCC-34/30 BQ CABLE, Wire


Wire: ribbon; 1.27mm; stranded; Cu; 40x28AWG; unshielded; PVC; 300V

FLCC-40/30 BQ CABLE, Wire


Wire: ribbon; 1.27mm; stranded; Cu; 50x28AWG; unshielded; PVC; 300V

FLCC-50/30 BQ CABLE, Wire


Wire: ribbon; 1.27mm; stranded; Cu; 64x28AWG; unshielded; PVC; 300V

FLCC-64/30 BQ CABLE, Wire


Wire: ribbon; stranded; Cu; 10x0,12mm2; unshielded; PVC; 300V; 50m

TLWY10/0.12 BQ CABLE, Wire


Wire: ribbon; stranded; Cu; 10x0,22mm2; unshielded; PVC; 300V; 50m

TLWY10/0.20 BQ CABLE, Wire


Wire: ribbon; stranded; Cu; 10x0,35mm2; unshielded; PVC; 500V; 50m

TLWY10/0.35 BQ CABLE, Wire


Wire: ribbon; stranded; Cu; 10x0,5mm2; unshielded; PVC; 500V; 50m

TLWY10/0.50 BQ CABLE, Wire


Wire: ribbon; stranded; Cu; 10x0,75mm2; unshielded; PVC; 500V; 25m

TLWY10/0.75 BQ CABLE, Wire


Wire: ribbon; stranded; Cu; 10x1mm2; unshielded; PVC; 500V; 25m

TLWY10/1.00 BQ CABLE, Wire


Wire: ribbon; stranded; Cu; 12x0,12mm2; unshielded; PVC; 300V; 50m

TLWY12/0.12 BQ CABLE, Wire


Wire: ribbon; stranded; Cu; 12x0,22mm2; unshielded; PVC; 300V; 50m

TLWY12/0.20 BQ CABLE, Wire


Wire: ribbon; stranded; Cu; 12x0,35mm2; unshielded; PVC; 500V; 50m

TLWY12/0.35 BQ CABLE, Wire


Wire: ribbon; stranded; Cu; 12x0,5mm2; unshielded; PVC; 500V; 50m

TLWY12/0.50 BQ CABLE, Wire


Wire: ribbon; stranded; Cu; 12x0,75mm2; unshielded; PVC; 500V; 25m

TLWY12/0.75 BQ CABLE, Wire